“Fairy Care Products was an idea which shaped into a company by Gaurav Upadhyay and Khushboo Kaushik. Home care products are the necessity in every Home. But the products available in market are founded dangerous on various intervals of time. The chemical used in making of these products is not only harmful for kids but also for adults. Therefore to tackle these health related issues, Fairy Care Products brings safe products which are completely secure for health. This initiative is taken so that with Swatch Bharat we can have healthy India too. Fairy Care Products cleans naturally without leaving any germ or chemical. The purpose behind founding Fairy Care Products is to clean homes where toddlers can  run and play without making their mothers concern about the dangerous substance of floor cleaners. We are the future of amazing Home care products and an initiative towards healthy India.”


“We manufacture safe products for various day to today purpose. From house cleaning to dish washing, we have a wide range of products for home care needs. We use only safe products as a raw material for our end product. Every product is made and checked twice for quality purpose. Our product is then tested in labs and approved before packaging. We care for you and therefore we are always concern about your and your family health.”